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My Favourite Easy Up Do's

One of the things I love about vintage and rockabilly style is the broad range of hairstyles available that fit into the aesthetic. I recently went back to paid employment part time and, for health and safety reasons, have to have my hair tied back when working. I often style my hair with at least part of it down, so this meant finding some new styles to wear (or at least perfecting some old ones!). As I'll often be starting work before 7am, they all had to be nice, quick and easy styles too! Here are my favourites so far-

1. Dita Bun- To follow this blog or Pin Up and Pearl on social media is to know I loooove a good Dita bun- it always looks spectacular even though it's super easy to do and requires almost not prep work. Finish it off with a hair flower or a bow (you can find a full Dita bun tutorial here)

2. Vintage Style Turban- At York Festival of Vintage recently, I treated myself to two new hair turbans from Alice Brown's Cupboard. These have been marvelous for work as you can pretty much just throw one on your head and be good to go straight away (ideal when you're trying to get ready for work while also wrestling a toddler into trousers for the day). However, if you're feeling a little more fancy, I suggest styling one with victory rolls or a mini poodle (not the dog).

3. Extra Large Hair Scarf- These guys are one of my favourite Pin Up and Pearl products and I'm hoping to add more to the store soon. They are just so easy to use and work for everyone. Look out on social media next week, as I'll be adding a video to show you just how easy tying them is!

So these are my current favourite styles! Comment below or on Facebook and tell me your favourite up do!

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