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5 Days, 5 Ways to Wear Hair Flowers

It's no secret that I love a hair flower. So much so, that making them for myself turned into a small business venture. If you've never worn hair flowers before, it can seem a little daunting knowing how to style them. Here are five different looks, for five different days to give you some ideas!

1. Vintage Set Hair with Two Hair Flowers.

Started off with a vintage set and brush out. I then used two flowers, one above each ear to complete the look. You can use matching flowers but I decided to use two different colours.

2. Hair Net and One Flower

My brush out had got a little messy overnight, so I popped the curls in a fine hair net, using some bobby pins. Then added a hair flower to the side.

3. Dita Bun with Two Hair Flowers.

For day three, I went with my all time favourite hairstyle- a Dita bun with two hair flowers! I think orchid hair flowers work particularly well with this kind of bun.

4. Natural Hair with One Hair Flower.

Pretty much the easiest style possible and this works with all hair types. Simply part your hair to one side and clip a flower above you ear on whichever side you choose. Easy peasy!

5. Milkmaid Braids with a Hair Flower in the Middle.

This is another relatively easy style but just looks a bit complicated! Just braid your hair into two plaits, cross over at the back and pin into place. Then pop a flower into the centre (I find this is easiest with a flower on a comb). Apologies- this photo isn't the best and my hair is slightly messy but it isn't easy photographing the back of your own head!

So yep... 5 days and 5 different hair flower styles! How do you like to style yours?

And if you're after some new hair flowers to try these styles out with these hair flowers from Pin Up and Pearl!

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