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A Spring Pastel Outfit Challenge

Another season, another outfit challenge! For Spring/ Easter, I decided to challenge myself to a week of pastel outfits. I may have taken some liberties with the definition of 'pastel' for this one, as I tend to wear pretty bright colours (or black. It's generally one extreme to the other) and wanted to work with clothes and accessories that I already had.

These are the prompts that I used for the week:

Monday- Pink

Tuesday- Lilac

Wednesday- Blue

Thursday- Yellow

Friday- Green

Saturday- Pastel Rainbow

Sunday- Easter outfit (if you're wondering why I've not included a photo for this one, it's because I forgot to take any. Genius).

My favourite outfit was definitely Tuesday's lilac one- the dress is true vintage and is really comfy, so it's always a good one to wear. I did also love Saturday's rainbow pastel outfit as I love any excuse to wear several hair flowers at once! You can't quite see from the photo, but I had three on the go here (there's a sneaky blue one hiding at the back).

I always share the prompts for outfit challenges in my Facebook group, Pin Up Darlings, so if you haven't already joined, make sure you do!

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