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My 12 Days of Christmas Vintage Outfit Challenge

Merry Christmas one and all! Hoping all you lovelies had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying a Boxing Day full of Christmas movies and tasty leftovers!

Having just come out of my Christmas day food coma, I decided now was a good time to put together the photos from my first ever 12 Days of Christmas Vintage Dress Challenge. Having largely been at home with a toddler and not venturing out anywhere for much of 2020, I'd slipped onto the habit of just popping on whatever leggings and t-shirt fell out of the wardrobe first and had almost entirely stopped getting dressed up. That had left me feeling a bit 'meh', so I created the 12 Days of Christmas Vintage Challenge to give myself a bit of encouragement to get dressed up, for a few days at least. It was fun to do and I loved seeing the photos of everyone else that took part.

What's your favourite look? I was surprised by how well animal print Christmas worked, so I think that was my favourite, although dressing as a human Christmas tree was fun too (my two year old has said 'mumma be a Christmas tree?' hopefully to me every morning since so I guess he approved too).

I'd love to hear your suggestions for more Christmas themes, as I'd definitely like to do this next year too. Hopefully we can get even more people on board!

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