Glitter Crown Shoe Clips

Glitter Crown Shoe Clips

Every  good monarch needs a crown. So OK... maybe you're not actual royalty and no one's giving you a crown to wear on your head, but these glitter crown shoe clips will absolutely do the job. Decorated with flat-backed gems in purple, blue and red. Adorn your shoes with these shoe clips fit for a queen by clipping them onto the front, back or sides. They work with a range of different shoes including court shoes and pumps.


These will come in super handy if you're celebrating the Queen's platinum jubilee this year. Pop them on your shoes and enjoy the bank holiday!


* Made of felt backed glitter fabric (hardly any shedding. Woohoo!)
* Securely attached to metal shoe clips. 
* Decorated with gems in red, purple and blue. 
* The thinner bits of the crown are reinforced with a special glitter glue to make them stronger.


If gold isn't your colour, send me a message for a custom order. 


To look after your new shoe clips, I recommend storing them away from heat and direct sunlight and do not submerge in water. When not being worn, remove them from the shoes to avoid the risk of permanent indentations from the clips.