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Styling a Brush Out for Spring

Earlier this week, I shared some videos I recorded showing how I do my vintage hair set and brush out and you can find them here.

Once you've got the hang of your brush out (and you are going to look fabulous!), you might be looking for some ideas on how to style it. Below are three different options, with a nice Spring twist perfect for the long Easter weekend coming up.

1. A Hair Scarf

For a very cute and preppy 1950's look, why not finish your brush out off with a hair scarf? I've gone for a baby blue pastel striped one for this Spring look. Tie it in a bow around your head and keep it all in place with a couple of bobby pins and a quick spritz of hair spray.

2. A Big Hair Flower

You can't go wrong with a classic hair flower for your brush out and for Easter, I had to choose a daffodil! Here's a top tip with big hair flowers- if part of your brush out hasn't gone how you wanted it to, they can be strategically placed to hide the offending section and no one will ever know!

3. A Pair of Mini Hair Flowers

For a slightly more understated 1940's look, get yourself a set of smaller hair flowers. These are a super cute way of finishing off your brush out in a slightly more understated way (if of course that's what you're going for!) and gives you loads of styling options. I like to wear one on each side, but you could pop them both on the same side.

All of the accessories used here are of course available to purchase from Pin Up and Pearl. Just pop over to the shop!

Happy Easter and happy hair styling! xx

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