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New Year, New New Year's Resolutions

I may as well get this confession out of the way- I am obsessed with New Year's Resolutions. I love that feeling of the January restart, as if switching to a new diary or calendar resets everything. Anything seems possible. And very briefly, everything is possible. I remember to drink water and not just coffee, the house stays tidy, I genuinely believe in my resolve that once the Christmas chocolates have been eaten, I'll eat properly (even January me doesn't believe in throwing away chocolate!). And of course, like everyone else, I am crap at keeping my New Year's Resolutions. And yet, at the start of every year since I was 12, I have diligently written down my list of necessary self improvements, character flaws that I want to iron out and vices that I need to drop.

And honestly, this year has been no different. But, after the shit-show that was 2020, I decided to add in a few fun resolutions too. Yes, I still need to lose weight, be a more patient parent and who knows, this might be the year I learn to keep the house tidy (ha!), but I also decided that I really want to embrace my pin up persona this year. Having spent a large portion of 2020 in leggings and coffee stained tops because... plague everywhere, I want to make more of an effort with my outfits and hair and make up next year. Not because I think I have to look a certain way to be acceptable (screw that) but because it makes me feel so much better. For me, setting my hair, wearing a dress and popping on some lipstick is self care and my God is that important at the moment. And I think for 2021, we should all make sure that self care factors into our day to day lives. Hopefully things will start improving this year, but the world isn't going to go back to normal overnight and last year was so so awful in so many ways.

So expect to see a lot more of Miss Pearl Perfection for 2021! I am a complete amateur at hair and make up and pin up styling, but I'd love to share my pin up journey with you all throughout the year. I'll be sharing some tutorials, hints and tips and some other exciting projects that I have lined up so keep an eye out.

And who knows, maybe next year my New Year's Resolution will be to not write New Year's Resolutions, but for this year, I'm keeping them.

Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? Or do you not do them? Comment below and let's have a chat.

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