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March Pin Up Profile- Mina Von Vixen

Each month, I will be asking all the important questions (and some less important ones) to a different inspirational person from within the pin up community. For March's Profile, I have spoken to the amazing Mina Von Vixen; model, performer and all around talented lady. She's also one of my brand ambassadors! If you would like to take part in a future edition, please get in touch.

Photograph by DagNammett

How would you define your style? I tend to not follow things intensely, if I see something I like I’ll buy it. So I’d say it’s an amalgamation of all different decades and themes: Pin-up, vintage, Old Hollywood, some Rockabilly. For home decor though I’m 100% an eclectic maximalists.

What drew you to that particular style? I like the fact that most vintage fashion isn’t fast fashion just clogging up landfill, it’s been made to stand the test of time and its validated when you find genuine vintage clothing on eBay.

What are some of your favourite brands? Not necessarily a brand but I do like shopping on Top Vintage for ready made items, but if I want something extra special I’ll head over to handmade places such as Retro Diva, She’s Dynamite, Violets in May, Vintage Vandalizm etc.

Who is your style icon? As with many vintage folk Dita Von Teese was one of my very first style icons and still is. Along the way I’ve come to absolutely adore Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Veronica Lake, Bettie Page, Marylin Monroe also more modern women like Miss Victory Violet, Gia Genevieve and Ava Elderwood. Countless people inspire me online every day, from Facebook groups, TikTok and Instagram.

Cats or dogs? Dogs! I’m a huge dog person. I’ve had fluffy four legged friends all my life. I couldn’t imagine life without them.

How long have you been into Pin Up/ Vintage style? Erm, I would say I started to dabble in pin up and vintage at age 18 and progressed from there. So just under a decade.

Photograph by Karen Boyle Photography

What was your most memorable wardrobe mishap? Okay, so not necessarily a wardrobe malfunction in the real world but I did have one whilst performing on stage. My act called for me to pour a jug of glitter all over myself, in the hope that the glitter would just fall off onto the ground. Well… I hadn’t done my research and the glitter stuck all over my face, went down my bra and all down my legs… for the entire act! Luckily the audience saw the funny side of it whilst I powered through the rest of my act revealing yet more glitter.

You now own a magic wardrobe- it’s the only way you can get clothes, they are all vintage and in perfect condition and it contains a never-ending supply of them. However, all the clothes must come from the same decade. What decade do you choose? 50s! It sounds cliche for a vintage lover to want things from the 50’s but hear me out. Dior for one with their different cuts and styles but also the colour in the 50’s designs from other brands. The world was experimenting with so much aesthetically back then, just look at the cars, kitchen appliances, the movies.

Who are your favourite musicians? I like a variety of music. I really love downloading soundtracks to movies or broadway musicals just to relive the magic. I’ve recently got into M83 and Awolnation but I also love my jazz. When we went to New York we made a point of visiting jazz bars.

What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of fashion? I’ve really gotten into embroidery, I bought myself a beginners kit back in October and progressed to do Hobbit holes and landmarks. I have my little balcony garden and love seeing all the new flowers come up that I planted the season before - It’s rewarding.

Have you got any tips for someone just starting their pin up/vintage style journey? Don’t let ‘em tell you to stick to one decade. If you like 50’s go for it, if you also like the 60’s 70’s 80’s even 90’s there isn’t a rule to say you can’t mix them. I quite frequently mix decades. You don’t have to start in the 50’s either, if the 20’s is more your vibe roll with it. Even if you fantasise about 1800’s attire… do what makes your heart happy.

Photograph by Chris Baugh Photography

What’s your favourite TV show? Soooo difficult to pick just one, but if I stick to the vintage theme I would have to say ‘The Marvellous Mrs Maisel’.

And finally… tell us your favourite random fact. My favourite fact was from my first time in California. We went to Paramount studios in LA and went onto one of the stages Alfred Hitchcock used for Rear Window. It has a pretty big set but Hitchcock wanted more space, after being refused by the studio he took matters into his own hands and dug down into the stage to get the height he required for the buildings…. He did all of this without the studios knowledge!

If you'd like to follow Mina on social media and see some more of her fabulous classic Hollywood style, you can find her at the links below:

TikTok: @minavonvixen

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