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June Pin Up Profile- Joely

Each month, I will be asking all the important questions (and some less important ones) to a different inspirational person from within the pin up community. For June's Profile, I have spoken to the lovely Joely, sewing extraordinaire! If you would like to take part in a future edition, please get in touch.

How would you define your style? A definite mix of eras and styles! I don’t like to be put in any one box y’know?!

What drew you to that particular style? I just like to have fun with clothes and play around with styles.

What are some of your favourite brands? Collectif and Hellbunny are great for plus size vintage reproduction clothing. But I'm currently in love with Lucy and Yak too - their colourful dungarees speak to my inner child!

Who is your style icon? There’s a couple actually! I really love Grace Kelly, she is so elegant and beautiful. But I mainly base my 1940’s and 1950’s looks on the average woman, and so look a lot to my nan’s who were both rocking the best looks of that time

Cats or dogs? Both! Although I currently have 3 cats, I am badgering the husband for a sausage dog haha - I already have the name picked!

How long have you been into Pin Up/ Vintage style? I probably started playing around with it about 13 years ago, and have dipped in and out since then. My style has evolved a lot, and is less forced now and I feel much more comfortable and “me” in the looks I put together now.

What was your most memorable wardrobe mishap? When I was a bridesmaid for my friend, and by giant boobies busted the zip of my dress! Thankfully it was at the reception haha

You now own a magic wardrobe- it’s the only way you can get clothes, they are all vintage and in perfect condition and it contains a never-ending supply of them. However, all the clothes must come from the same decade. What decade do you choose? This is a tough one, as I really love two decades for their styles - the 40’s and the 50’s. I think I would have to say the 50’s. There is something so magical about the silhouettes and the fabrics they used

Who are your favourite musicians? Elvis Presly, Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly are three top artists for me. We were lucky enough to go to Graceland for our honeymoon which was a dream come true

What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of fashion? I am an avid sewist - I have my own little business “Happy Little Stitcher” and love creating new things for people

Have you got any tips for someone just starting their pin up/vintage style journey? Take it slowly, and always be true to yourself! Find some key pieces and mix them into your normal wardrobe and play about with how to style them then add to it when you’re feeling more confident.

What’s your favourite TV show? I absolutely adore The Marvellous Mrs Maisel - not just for the styling but the incredible writing and characters. I also love Parks and Recreation and have seen it countless times!

And finally… tell us your favourite random fact. The Ancient Romans used to drop a piece of toast into their wine for good health which is why we 'raise a toast' with wine!

If you'd like to follow Joely on social media and find out if she ever gets her sausage dog (and what she calls it!), you can find her at the links below:

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