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Ideas for a Lockdown Valentine's Day

With the UK in lockdown for at least the next few weeks, I think it's safe to say Valentine's Day will be a little different this year. For a lot of people, date nights have been hard to come by of late, with restaurants, cinemas and bars being closed for much of the year, babysitting not being possible and limits on who you can see outside of your household bubble. Below are some ideas for things you can do this Valentine's day to make the day feel a little special. Whether you live with your partner, live apart or don't particularly care for Valentine's Day and just want a fun night with your friends.

If you live with your beau

  • Why not go back to basics with a board game night? Get set up at the kitchen table on the living room floor or kitchen table, with plenty of snacks and drinks. Personally, I would suggest something along the lines of Scrabble, Rummikub (I may be biased as I always win at this one) and card games. Maybe avoid Risk and Monopoly- no one wants a board game based row on Valentine's Day...

  • Spas may seem like a distance memory for many of us at the moment, but you could always try to recreate that spa feeling at home. OK... it won't quite be the same but let's work with what we've got. Light some candles, run a bath, get some facemasks on and maybe even treat yourself to a glass of something sparkly. And what could be more romantic than giving each other a nice massage?

  • You can't go out for dinner this Valentine's day so it's the perfect excuse to have a go at being your own chef. Yes, you could order in a take away, but why not take the opportunity to have fun cooking together? Sushi, fondue and pizza are great fun things to make from scratch and at the end of it, you get a tasty meal. Win win!

If you don't live together (and aren't able to 'bubble up')

  • Stream a film together! Decide on a film beforehand (I recommend a game of 'rock, paper, scissors' if you can't come to an agreement otherwise) and watch it together while on video chat. Don't forget the popcorn!

  • Have a zoom (or your video chat service of choice) dinner date. For an extra date night feel, cook the same thing or order the same kind of take away. Pop your laptop or phone on the table, light some candles and pour yourselves a glass of wine.

  • If you want to do something a little different that'll get you working together, why not try a virtual escape room? There a loads of different options online. Give it a go!

Galentine's Dates

  • Have a video chat cocktail party. It's an excellent excuse to get your 'bar' stocked up with some cocktail making ingredients and have some fun experimenting with different recipes. Alternatively, you can buy some pre-made cocktails from your local supermarket.

  • Play a multiplayer game online. Whether on a console, pc or phone, choose a time to all play together and pop on a video chat. Mario Kart or Among Us are great games to play as a group.

  • Have your own bake off! Decide on something to make, set a time limit and some judging criteria (perhaps cake colour, cake rise and decoration). The best part is, at the end, you have cake to eat.

And even though none of us are going out anywhere, Valentine's day is still a nice excuse to get dressed up (although it's an excellent opportunity to attend a dinner date in your favourite pyjamas.) Keep an eye on Pin Up and Pearl's social media for some ideas for different Valentine's looks over the next week.

And if you're after some Valentine's accessories or even gift ideas, have a look here!

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