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How I Do My Vintage Style Hair Set and Brush Out (Videos)

A good set and brush out routine are a really useful thing to have in your vintage repertoire, but they can take a little practise. I thought I'd record myself rolling my hair and then doing the brush out the next morning to give beginners an idea of how it can be done. Apologies- the aspect ratio isn't quite right and there is the occasional blip in some of the editing. I will be rerecording this video a few weeks but all of the information is there in these videos so thought it would be a shame to not put it up for now. It turns out, like hair rolling, video editing takes practise!

To set your hair you'll need: rollers (I use pillow ones but foam rollers or crochet rollers would work too), curling mousse, setting spray, large hair clips, a hair net and a hair scarf. For the brush out you'll need: a paddle brush, a teasing comb, sectioning clips, hair spray, a couple of bobby pins and a hair flower to finish off.

The brush out is arguably the most important part and is how you get that really gorgeous vintage shape. It definitely takes some practise and you will find there are some days your brush out comes out a lot better than other days. But keep trying and you'll absolutely get there!

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