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Halloween Has Arrived at Pin Up and Pearl!

August at Pin Up and Pearl only means one thing... Halloween! It's one of my favourite collections to design and I've been working on this year's products for the past few months. Here's a little round up!

Lots of Cats

I have made no secret of the fact that I bloody love cats. I love their slightly aloof, funny personalities and I think they are genuinely one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. So after I found a cute cat print fabric, I knew that part of my Halloween collection this year would have to include some spooky felines!

Sparkly Coffins

I had the idea to do some sparkly Halloween coffins but when I tried to make them, they just didn't quite look right. I was about to shelve the idea when I came across these little RIP charms and suddenly they all came together perfectly.

Hair Flowers

The Halloween hair flowers this year are both new versions of existing hair flowers. A classic black rose hair flower, with an added eyeball (naturally) and a black version of the orchid hair flower. Simple, yet perfect!

Uh... There isn't really a way to group these two...

Yeah, there was really no way to seamlessly put the last to products into one group. The spider web shoe clips are probably my favourite product this year- I made myself a skirt with the fabric last year and decided to order more to make some shoe clips with as it was just too cool not too. And I love the print on the moon and stars hair scarf.

So that's all of the new Halloween stuff! All available to purchase on the website or through Etsy .

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