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February Pin Up Profile- Daisy

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Each month, I will be asking all the important questions (and some less important ones) to a different inspirational person from within the pin up community. For February's Profile, I have spoken to Daisy, another one of my wonderful brand ambassadors. If you would like to take part in a future edition, please get in touch.

How would you define your style? 50’s repro meets rockabilly... with a splash of Disney!

What drew you to that particular style? I’ve worked in costume for nearly a decade, and I’ve been obsessed with 50’s style since I was 10. Between that and then going through an Emo phase in secondary school, I developed a love of many different eras of fashion, but ultimately anything 1940’s - early 1960’s wins out for me! I switch my wardrobe and hair up a lot, so I can have my cute princess pastels or gothic 50’s vamp outfits on any given day.

What are some of your favourite brands? Hands down- Vixen & La Femme En Noir by Micheline Pitt. Not only do the pieces have amazing fit, pockets and gorgeous fabric, the brand raises money for charity on the regular. Other fave brands include The Big Bloomers company for stockings, Banned Retro for soft petticoats, Bow & Crossbones for super cute jewellery, and of course I only buy my hair flowers from Pin up and Pearl!

Who is your style icon? So hard to choose! I love Bettie Page, but I also really enjoy taking inspiration from theatre, specifically burlesque. I love a ‘themed’ outfit too!

Cats or dogs? Dogs! I am sadly allergic to cats... but it doesn’t stop me loving them from a distance!

How long have you been into Pin Up/ Vintage style? I’ve been into vintage style since I was 10, when I became obsessed with poodle skirts and had a Grease themed birthday party. At the time, 50’s outfits were having a bit of a mainstream revival - although it was more of a noughties-does-80’s-does-50’s style - but I fell in love with it nonetheless. My nan helped me make some 50’s skirts to wear to college when I was 16 (which my mother hated) and baby pinup me would doll up every chance I got. I used to wear wiggle skirts and heels to college regularly - that was dedication! My love for it has always been there, but in the past three years I’ve started changing my whole wardrobe so that it’s either vintage repro, true vintage, or has vintage vibes.

What was your most memorable wardrobe mishap? Oh god. Haha! It was at college - the back centre seam of my pencil skirt started unravelling and I was at real risk of it running all the way up the skirt! I stapled it until I could get home to stitch it!

You now own a magic wardrobe- it’s the only way you can get clothes, they are all vintage and in perfect condition and it contains a never-ending supply of them. However, all the clothes must come from the same decade. What decade do you choose? It’s got to be the 50’s, no question! Does the wardrobe come with a matching car?!

Who are your favourite musicians? This is hugely difficult! It depends on my mood, but... Muse, Paramore, FOB (the emo phase was strong okay) Lizzo, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, The Shirelles.... not forgetting various musical/movie soundtracks. If I could screenshot my Spotify library it would be easier, haha!

What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of fashion? It won’t surprise you to know that I’m a seamstress, but I also love crafting in general. Crochet, knitting, painting...I’ve recently gotten back into sculpting with clay and I love to bake!

Have you got any tips for someone just starting their pin up/vintage style journey? Explore! That’s the fun of it. You want a completely historically accurate look? Go for it! You want to have fun with patterns and mixing up different decades? Do it! There’s no wrong way to enjoy clothing. Try different brands, but don’t limit yourself to modern reproductions. True vintage can be found anywhere, in almost any size, if you know where to look. Even as a plus sized enthusiast, I’ve found true vintage pieces that work for me! And sometimes those 80’s revival pieces are a fab dupe!

What’s your favourite TV show? Currently, it’s Bridgerton. But ultimately, Outlander and Harlots are both high on that list. I can never just choose one!

And finally… tell us your favourite random fact. When you blush... the lining of your stomach blushes too. The body is weird!

If you'd like to follow Daisy on social media and see some more of her fabulously varied and versatile looks you can find her links below. Her blog covers a range of topics, including dating, product reviews and mental health.



Thank you so much to Daisy for being this month's guest on Pin Up Profiles!

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