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A Lovely Campervan Holiday

For our family holiday this year, we hired this gorgeous little campervan through the website Goboony (think Airbnb but for campervans and motor homes). The van itself was just perfect- beautifully done up and so well equipped. My son was very excited that he would be sleeping in the pop top, while my husband and I had the bed downstairs.

First stop was Bridlington. After a short walk from our campsite, we got the land train into town. One of the things I really wanted to do while I was there was visit a shop I follow on Facebook and have bought a bag from before so off we went to Angela Bare, just off of the high street. Of course I forgot to get a photo but it was a lovely little shop with a great selection of shoes, bags and dresses. Next we stopped off at a cafe where I tried to have my first milkshake in years. I say tried, because my son 'shared' it with me. He pretty much drank it all, but it was very pretty to look at.

We spent one night in Bridlington. The campsite pretty much had everything we needed. We had planned to get dinner at the onsite pub but unfortunately there was a site wide power outage. Deliveroo to the rescue! We decided to fully embrace holiday junk food eating and ordered a sweet and sour chicken pizza. It was both the best and worst thing I have eaten and I have exactly zero regrets. I hadn't quite got used to campervan life so was in bed asleep and still fully clothed by 8.30!

Next stop was Scarborough! It was beautiful, but as an asthmatic I'm fairly sure the town was trying to kill me. I think we spent most of our visit there walking up and down hills and the rest of the visit sitting my son one various arcade rides, that he absolutely refused to have switched on as he was scared of them moving. But he did declare one of the fibreglass dogs as his best friend, so there we go. When we weren't burning calories marching up and down the hills of Scarborough, we were consuming them in the form of fish and chips and ice cream. I had my first yellow top Mr Whippy and have to say I am a big fan. We also had a go on the big wheel to satisfy all our touristy needs, as well as the mini steam train and the dragon boats.

Last, but certainly not least was Whitby. Our campsite was right on the cliffs with spectacular views of Whitby Abbey. We could have parked up overlooking the sea but as it wasn't our van we decided parking on an uneven cliff top wasn't the best plan. In Whitby, we polished off more fish and chips, sampled the local ice cream and had a good go at the arcades. After a week of warning my son that we might not find any ammonites when we went hunting for them, he found three immediately upon heading to the beach and might have been the happiest three year old in the world. We then got to carry rocks around for the rest of the day, on top of all the other beach stuff so yay!

All in all, we loved our campervan trip away and will definitely do it again. If we ever manage to buy our own, I'm currently working on persuading my husband that we should do one in Pin Up and Pearl colours so that it's all decked out for events! Plus, imagine how much vintage shopping I could fit in a camper!

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